Helping gifted children to find their tribe

What gifted children need most is other gifted children. GIFT provides residential and day courses at study centres, galleries, hub schools open to all and within individual schools and clusters. Click here for the course calendar. These provide an opportunity for small groups of students to explore in depth a new area of study, with the guidance of a lecturer who is a specialist in working with gifted children as well as the chosen topic. As well as the structured sessions, GIFTers learn a lot from one another during the substantial breaks built in to every course – most of all, that there are other people just as interesting and interested as themselves.

We generally avoid tying courses closely to the National Curriculum.  We’re not a school, but we are a place to learn; and the things GIFTers learn about are the passions of the individual lecturers, from political philosophy to Kandinsky to time travel to knots (mathematical and actual) to computer networking to melodrama to peleothropy (which is whatever you decide it is!).

Teachers who are able to see courses, or who hear about them from their pupils, often feel this is how they would like to teach themselves, and see their pupils fired with new enthusiasm when the learning really is for its own sake. Parents see their children growing in confidence; sometimes when a gifted teenager has been squashed down, they feel the real person comes back from GIFT, with greater resources to deal with school and the knowledge that there’s somewhere else where they feel they belong. Homeschoolers in particular find the courses a valuable addition.

For GIFTers themselves, the courses and the friends you make often become a cherished part of childhood and teenage years, and foster an attitude to learning that lasts for life. You can read what many have said by clicking here.

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